Welcome to FOX Art Works

Thanks for visiting my site!  Here’s a little bit about me!danacropart

I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon.  I studied art in college and hold degrees in Fine Arts and Political Science.  I also try to regularly enroll in local art classes such as glassblowing, drawing and abstract painting.  My main focus is acrylic paint but I also love drawing on paper in various mediums, and murals.  I believe that you are never too old or too busy to learn new things or improve upon current knowledge and skills.

My favorite medium is pencil – or graphite.  When I work with graphite I am reminded that something can be created out of the simplest ingredients.  I appreciate that things don’t have to be complicated to get a good result.  Graphite can be crisp and straight or messy and smudged.  The versatility of the medium is amazing and it’s easy to carry around.  I love to get my hands dirty and distort lines with my fingers.  I begin a piece by referencing something that I have seen or felt.  I draw on my own experiences and try to put them into an image that others can identify with.  It is my way to communicate something that I often cannot put into words.  I know a piece is done when I revisit it a few days after I think I’m finished and don’t want to change anything.

When my work is going well, I’m filled with a sense of satisfaction.  I know that this is what I should be doing with my hands and it just feels right.  When people see my work, I’d like them to feel a break from reality.  I want viewers to step into something beautiful and to feel something out of the ordinary.  You can see my portfolio here.  In today’s environment of complexities and stress, I want people to be reminded that part of the human experience is to take time to stop, breathe and enjoy.

Locally, I partner with businesses or hosts for “Paint the Town” classes where you can learn to create your own masterpiece with step by step instruction in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.  Each class is a fun time and not only involves art and paints but good company, food and drinks!  I love art and I want to share it with as many people as possible.