I’m currently working on a bunch of things and trying to update the portfolio on this site.  There’s more murals to come.  I actually have “real” photos of them and have to get them digitized.  I used to work in a photo lab and really miss all that 35mm.

In between everything else, I have my sketchbook.  My sketchbook is sort of like a diary or journal even though it doesn’t contain many words.  I’ll write my ideas down in it or a word here and there.  Most of it is scribble sketches and practices for larger works.  I always carry this size around with me.  If I have an idea or see something inspiring, it’s right there to capture my thoughts in an image.

I wouldn’t post everything in my sketchbook since it is like a diary, but here’s a couple:

I like to always be creating something even though it may not fit into the body that I’m currently working on.  I’ve been seeing a lot of butterflies out lately and thought I’d sketch one out.  I left out the shading because I intend at some point to color it in with colored pencils.  The other is a sketch of my favorite flower – the tulip.  Both strong and fragile.