Home is where the (He)art is

Here’s a peek into my home.  If I can’t be creating art all the time – I’m going to surround myself with it!

In my entryway, there’s a print I picked up in NYC at MoMA of Jasper John’s Map, a British literary map of the UK from the British Library I found while in London and a “subway sign” I painted with wording specific to me. There’s also my large painting of a Model T.

Just inside the door, family and guests are welcomed with an almost five foot tiki carved by Charlie at Palm Tiki in Pensacola, FL.  Next to that is my Crosley record player (yes, I listen to records!) and sitting on top is a lighted bottle of VanGogh vodka. On the wall is a black and white map of the sunken war ships off the East Coast.


Just over to the right is a glass cabinet that holds most of my work done in glassblowing.  I’m no Chihuly, but I love this work!


Upstairs in my studio, a large bookshelf houses my art history books which are held up by Rosie the Riveter bookends.  Under that, sits VanGogh, Monet, Picaso and Frida Kahlo.  These fun dolls are from the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild.


I love coffee.  In my kitchen, I have an area specifically dedicated to coffee.  Above that table is a print of A Bar at the Folies-Bergère by Manet.  I got to see the actual piece while on a trip to London.  On top of the print is a Carnival mask from Venice.


“The Earth without “Art” is just “Eh”.