Happy Holiday!

It’s so nice to have a day off work!  I’ve taken a moment to add some recent work to my site.  The first piece is a portrait of a mother and daughter done in graphite on paper.

Mom & Daughter

Next is a fancy pink bird – a flamingo.  I used Rembrant pastels on black paper to make the pink color pop.  I wanted to capture the flexibility and grace of this bird.


Last is ‘Name Art’ I did for a friend of mine.  Her son’s room was decorated in vintage baseball decor.  This was also done with Rembrant pastels on paper.


I’m going to enjoy the rest of the day off.  Maybe even work in the studio for a bit!  (Hopefully!)

Here’s a quote from Pablo Picasso that I remember every day.  “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”  I love the freedom and expression in children’s art and often wish I could channel such uninhibited creativity so easily!