We’re On The Move!

Fox Art Works is on the move this month to Northern Virginia.  If you live in Northern Virginia, please come out and paint with me on April 7 or April 10!  It’s a fun, relaxed atmosphere and gives you something “different” to do?  Instead of checking out Netflix… get CREATIVE!  Have a drink with friends!  And learn a something new!  I hope to see you!  You can register for classes here.

Here’s what you’ll be painting in NoVA!

Orange UmbrellaIMG_7758









April 13 – is painting again in Holly Springs, NC!  “Hanging Hydrangeas” would make a great gift for you mom for Mother’s day coming up in May!  Paint her something she can hang in her home!  You can change up the colors on these flowers to match your décor.  Bring your friends and “Paint the Town” with me!

Hanging Hydrangeas

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. ”   -Vincent Van Gogh

Paint the Town

What’s up with all the “Paint and Sip” type classes?  Well, I’ll tell you – FUN.  Here’s some FAQs that might help.


Q: I can’t draw a straight line.  How can I create my own painting?


A: During FOX Art Works “Paint the Town” classes, I’ll walk you though each step of creating your own work of art from a blank canvas.  No experience is necessary.  You will surprise yourself with how good you actually are!  I will help you – one on one as needed – if you run into any hiccups.  I will guide you through your piece but will not actually draw on your canvas myself.


Q: What about the “sipping” part?


A: Our classes are casual and relaxed.  Public events have beer/wine for purchase at the venue or it is provided by a sponsor.  Private events are BYOB.  Part of the class is painting and the other part is socializing and letting creativity take your mind off any stress you have.  Only students 21+ are permitted to drink alcohol during the class.


Q: What’s included in the class?


A:  The cost of the class is $35 and includes all art supplies (brushes, paint, easel, apron), a 16×20 canvas you will take home and 2 hours of instruction.


Q: Are all ages welcome?


A:  Yes.  However, most classes (unless otherwise noted) are geared towards and paced for adults.


Q:  Is registration required?


A:  Yes.  Registration and payment must be completed prior to class to ensure you have a spot.  Payment is done via pay pal.  Refunds will be issued in the unlikely event the class is cancelled.  Reserved seats are transferable but not refundable other than due to class cancellation.  Any cancellation notice will be provided with at least 24 hours notice.


Q: Do you do private parties/events?


A:  Yes, email me if you are interested in hosting your own event.  These can be for a group of friends, corporate team building, church groups, children’s parties, showers – anything!  You can choose a piece for your event from the portfolio or contact me and I’ll create a custom work of art for your event.

Time to thaw out.

I’m so looking forward to the sunshine and warmer temps later this week.  I’m ready to thaw out from all this ice!  Did you know that you can follow me on Instagram?  There you can see progress on my latest works and updates about classes.  Also, some random pics of me and the crazy, delicious foods I cook!

I’m very excited about the class this coming Sunday afternoon at ACME.  You can register here.  This relaxing afternoon class will feature step by step instruction on how to paint EITHER one of these paintings of our own Holly Springs “Harris Lake”.  I’m very excited about painting this beautiful landscape with great lighting through the large glass windows.  Come early to order some lunch and bring a friend so each person can paint a different view!

See you there!  Cheers!

Harris Lake 2Harris Lake

Don’t forget

Or… try to remember to be a little creative each day.  Doodle while your on those conference calls.  Write your name in beautiful CURSIVE.  Draw a mark and see where it takes you.  Look outside at the freezing weather and draw yourself a palm tree and a cocktail.  A little art can go a long way.

Don’t forget to register for upcoming paint and sip events.   Good news – I’m now able to accept credit cards at the painting events.  Cash and check are still accepted.  Also, support local Holly Springs artists at the annual Holly Springs Arts festival the first week in February.

Check out the classes portfolio to see what paintings are present (and past) available for future events as well as for private parties.  I’m available to teach your group to paint one of these or I can do a custom piece for you.

Purple PansiesHarris Lake

Paint, paint, paint… and sip wine.

Don’t forget to register for the class tomorrow, January 13 to paint your personalized “Lovebirds in the Moonlight”!  There’s also another opportunity to paint with me on Sunday afternoon, February 21.

If you’re a Holly Springs local, check out the latest issue of Suburban Living magazine.  There’s a ton of information about the Holly Springs Arts Council Arts Festival the first week in February.  There’s also a photo of yours truly in there from last year’s festival!  Don’t miss the speaker, Jonathan Daniel.  He’s an amazing artist and his lesson on the importance of art will stick with you always.


Lovebirds MoonlightHarris Lake

Happy Thanksgiving

Art is such a good reminder to me.  It reminds me to stop, pause and be thankful.  I am thankful for the gift of being able to create art.  I am thankful for the joy it brings those who gaze upon it and the feeling I have when I complete a piece.  I am thankful that I have a home to hang my art.  I am thankful that art can speak to people in a way that words cannot.  I am thankful that art created hundreds of years ago still is significant today.  I am thankful that one work of art can help someone feel better, make someone remember something great, create conviction and remind us to be thankful.


Come create your own masterpiece with me on December 16 in Holly Springs.  This joyful red Poinsettia will make a great addition to your holiday home decor or will be an amazing gift for someone special.  Just think if you gave your holiday party hostess a work of art!  Enjoy a relaxed evening using vibrant shades of red and green while sipping your favorite glass of wine.  You can register for this class here.  See you there!  Cheers!

Happy Holiday!

It’s so nice to have a day off work!  I’ve taken a moment to add some recent work to my site.  The first piece is a portrait of a mother and daughter done in graphite on paper.

Mom & Daughter

Next is a fancy pink bird – a flamingo.  I used Rembrant pastels on black paper to make the pink color pop.  I wanted to capture the flexibility and grace of this bird.


Last is ‘Name Art’ I did for a friend of mine.  Her son’s room was decorated in vintage baseball decor.  This was also done with Rembrant pastels on paper.


I’m going to enjoy the rest of the day off.  Maybe even work in the studio for a bit!  (Hopefully!)

Here’s a quote from Pablo Picasso that I remember every day.  “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”  I love the freedom and expression in children’s art and often wish I could channel such uninhibited creativity so easily!

Home is where the (He)art is

Here’s a peek into my home.  If I can’t be creating art all the time – I’m going to surround myself with it!

In my entryway, there’s a print I picked up in NYC at MoMA of Jasper John’s Map, a British literary map of the UK from the British Library I found while in London and a “subway sign” I painted with wording specific to me. There’s also my large painting of a Model T.

Just inside the door, family and guests are welcomed with an almost five foot tiki carved by Charlie at Palm Tiki in Pensacola, FL.  Next to that is my Crosley record player (yes, I listen to records!) and sitting on top is a lighted bottle of VanGogh vodka. On the wall is a black and white map of the sunken war ships off the East Coast.


Just over to the right is a glass cabinet that holds most of my work done in glassblowing.  I’m no Chihuly, but I love this work!


Upstairs in my studio, a large bookshelf houses my art history books which are held up by Rosie the Riveter bookends.  Under that, sits VanGogh, Monet, Picaso and Frida Kahlo.  These fun dolls are from the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild.


I love coffee.  In my kitchen, I have an area specifically dedicated to coffee.  Above that table is a print of A Bar at the Folies-Bergère by Manet.  I got to see the actual piece while on a trip to London.  On top of the print is a Carnival mask from Venice.


“The Earth without “Art” is just “Eh”.

Making Time for Art

This list of things “to do” every day seems to be getting longer and longer.  Most of these things fall into the boring responsibility category – work, cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc.  Then there’s the necessary stuff like sleeping and eating, taking out the dog, taking care of the family, etc.  In all the commotion, it’s been hard to fit in creativity and art.

It’s not visual arts, but literature is a beautiful art form and is often a great way to wind down and relax after a busy day.  The book I’m currently reading is technically art related since the main character is an Art Historian and there’s references to famous artists and their works throughout.  It just happens to be on the best sellers list at the moment.  It is Inferno by Dan Brown.  If you read The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons or The Lost Symbol, you’d probably like this book too.  Not only is there accurate art info in there, but there’s exciting, fast-paced mystery and crime as well.  My favorite so far has been Angels and Demons.  However, I’m only about halfway done with Inferno… so we’ll see.

I have completed two new pieces since my last (long ago…) post.  The first one is a graphite drawing of a 1936 Morgan.  This beautiful car was made in Britain by Morgan Motor Company.  Morgan still makes cars to this day and they are still reminiscent of the same vintage, curvy lines of the 30s.  These cars have a very distinctive style that is not quite like any other.  Morgan also makes a three wheeled vehicle. The company is worth looking up, pretty interesting.


The other piece is a large painting for a nursery – well, for a nursery in my own home.  🙂  This whimsical piece is inspired by my growing family.  I used bright, playful colors and tried to capture some movement in the blue areas with varying the shades.  Enjoy!


“No great artist ever sees things as they really are.  If he did, he would cease to be an artist.” – Oscar Wilde


Cheers to 2013

A new year – a new start!  Here is my latest piece, which is also in the the ‘Autos’ gallery.  I first provided a sneak peek of this painting here. 


This is on a long 48″ canvas that is only 12″ tall.  I wanted to focus on the long line I love most about this vintage vehicle.  I chose to use Matisse Design Cyan for the beautiful blue color.  I only changed the depth of the color with water.  I did not want to show the entire vehicle in this work because I wanted the viewer to be drawn in by the color and the lines.  This piece may not even resemble a car to someone who doesn’t know the style of the vintage Mustang.

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.  – Aristotle