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In the mood for LOVE

I love art.  LOVE IT.  I love creating art, buying art, learning about art, talking about art, talking to artists and even reading art history.  I also love movies about art.  I’ve mentioned some “artsy” movies in previous posts.  I recently went to see The Monuments Men.  It did get some iffy reviews – but […]

Happy New Year!

2013 was a great year.  I got to create some new pieces for my own nursery decor and visited some awesome galleries in Seattle.  I wrapped up 2013 with two new portraits and some paintings of four-legged friends. Both of these portraits are graphite on paper.  When using graphite, I prefer to use woodless graphite […]

Art Restoration?

Art Restoration is a great way to bring an old piece back to life.  However, it must be done very carefully as to maintain the integrity of the original piece.  If not, something like this happens. Now, this is no masterpiece restoration – but I thought I’d try my hand at a “vintage” piece of […]

Art – the outlet

The dictionary gives one definition of the word “outlet” as means of expression or satisfaction.  Given the recent events in the news, I wanted to share how valuable art is as an outlet – for both children and adults.  Difficult emotions, feelings and themes are hard to put into words… even if you can talk […]

Getting there…

Still a work in progress, but I have some images up of different bodies of work.  While I’m working on getting all that together… I’m working on another body of work. Here’s a sneak peek.  This is just the first round… more to come and some to be trashed.